ainia centro tecnológico  
AINIA is a private non-profit technological centre, created in 1987 and formed by companies from the Agri-Food Sector and related industries (packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutics…), whose objective is the promotion of innovation and technological development.

Today, AINIA associates more than 700 companies (both SME and large), and employs more than 160 people (most of them with a PhD and/or university degree). AINIA has a very strong expertise in R&D, Technical Assistance; Analysis; Training and Technology Transfer. During the last year near 200 R&D projects (national and international) were developed, as well as a high number of consulting and training activities

ainia is accredited with Nº 3 in the Register of Centres of lnnovation and Technology of Spain; ainia has a clear global vocation oriented to give an effective response to business needs from different perspectives aligning different disciplines such as food and packaging technologies and environment innovation with demonstration of industrial processes solutions and their later market replication. ainia belongs to the EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), to the Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (FEDIT), the Network of Technological lnstitutes of the Valencian Region (REDIT), the European Food lnstitutes Association (EFI Group), etc., as well as it has numerous collaboration agreements with entities and associations at national and international level.

Contact person: Miguel Alborch (Project coordinator)
Tel.: +34 961 366 090


AIMPLAS is a Technological Institute focused on plastic sector, with more than 100 professionals with huge expertise in compounding, processing, recycling, product development and analysis of plastic materials for different sectors, such as construction, automotive, packaging and other traditional ones.

AIMPLAS has a proven record of R&D successful cases in many EU projects under different funded programmes including 9 FP5, 18 FP6 (5 as coordinator), 36 FP7 (18 as coordinator), 6 Life+ (1 as coordinator), 8 Eco-Innovation (5 as coordinator), 2 Leonardo and 2 Intelligent Energy Europe.

it has 1) an Environmental & Recycling business work line, which R&D activities are focused on the management of plastic waste, in the development of new recycled materials and reducing environmental impact; 2) experience in plastic recyclability and new applications for recycled materials and eco-design of plastic products and eco-label; 3) is an authorized intermediary as member of DIN CERTCO Certification Committee with companies that apply to obtain the compostability certificate, renewable material content certificate and recycled material content certificate ; 4) recognized since 2010 by Der Bleu Engel in order to verify recycled plastic products according to this eco-label. The dissemination activities are of great importance within AIMPLAS main objectives, carrying out technical conferences and seminars, attending to relevant events at EU level as speakers, to fairs with its own booth.


Embalnor was founded in 1997 and since then its core activity has been the injection of technical plastic components. Started with its own line of food packaging as an effort to position itself in the market with its own product, soon packing became the "core business" of the company expanding from food to a wide range of packaging for chemicals area and medical waste.

Now its range goes to custom products for several clients. Alongside the focus on development of new products, there was a strengthening of internal competences in the area of conception and development and investment in partnerships with other companies and academic entities.

Embalnor created a RDI department with a multidisciplinary team in order to promote and fulfill the culture of innovation. The interaction of the various areas of Knowledge, the company’s culture of innovation, the R&D team and the strengthening of cooperative relationships with suppliers as well as academic entities allow us to support our clients during every key aspects of a project, from design to the final product. In 2012 the company went through the process of certification of its Research, Development and Innovation Management System according to NP 4457:2007.


Central Quesera Montesinos (CQM) was founded in 1978 and has grown consistently every year. It is an award winning cheese manufacturer, having won numerous awards in both national and international cheese competitions, one of the most recent international awards being the World Cheese Awards in London, November 2012.

As the most important goat cheese manufacturer in Spain, it produces approx. 15000 t of 6 different types of cheese / year, and approximately 20% of production is devoted to export, which includes markets such as the United States, Russia, South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim, not to mention numerous countries within the European Union.

CQM is a SME that employs approximately 220 people and is dedicated to producing products of the highest quality and standards in addition to consistently meeting and exceeding both customer and employee expectations. The creation and implementation of the Research and Development Department in 2013 will aim to prioritize and focus the time, creativity and energy of CQM in the direction of new research possibilities. Improvements in production methods by the acquisition and development of new technology are of the utmost importance, as well as taking advantage of recycling waste products in order to diminish the carbon footprint, and the development of new products which will help differentiate the company from rivals in an increasingly competitive global market.





Established in 1992, Nutripack is specialized in the manufacture of food packaging and packaging, as well as sealing and thermoforming machines. It has a wide range of products that are adapted to the sector of collectives such as Agrifood, Industrial or Pharmaceutical.

Its main objective is to offer products and services with maximum food security that allow its clients to develop their own project with the guarantee of a partner that cares about the most important: customers of its customers.




WHEYPACK PROJECT - Reduction of CO2 emissions by the PHB use obtained from whey: demonstration in dairy products packaging
Life project - LIFE13 ENV/ES/000608