WHEYPACK project wants to demonstrate that carbon footprint of manufacturing process of PHB-based food packaging is lower than current manufacturing processes of PP-based ones.

The main objectives of the project are:


Demonstration of the environmental, technical and economical feasibility of performing PHB based packaging manufacturing processes from whey, considering all the chain steps involved in this industry so closing a loop: 1) PHB bioproduction from whey, 2)polymer compounding, 3)PHB-based package manufacturing and 4) use by the cheese maker at a small scale. So the key stages of the chain are considered in the project.

Demonstration that total greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint as CO2 equiv.) of the production process is lower than current manufacturing process of petrol-based food packages (polypropylene, PP).

Definition of the PHB bioproduction and recovery processes from whey at pilot plant scale. Study of the scale up conditions from pilot plant to industrial scale.


Formulation, compounding and adjustment of the PHB polymer in order to improve its processability properties for injection moulding process.

Development of 100% biodegradable PHB-based packages (trays) and demonstration of their application to dairy products: cheese packaging.


WHEYPACK PROJECT - Reduction of CO2 emissions by the PHB use obtained from whey: demonstration in dairy products packaging
Life project - LIFE13 ENV/ES/000608